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Holy Things, Holy Actions, Holy Places is a Catholic-oriented book whose main object is to introduce to and teach readers about the names and uses of various objects, vessels, substances, and garments used in our beautiful Catholic Liturgy and other services. The format is very simple, and the language is easy for anyone, young or old, to read and understand.

Many Catholics attend church services and observe the use of these objects, substances, and garments but do not know their names or the purpose of their use.

The book has therefore been written to encourage and to teach Catholic Christians and any interested others

  1. to get to know the names of these items used in the Catholic Liturgy and ceremonies,
  2. to understand the religious significance of each item and the reason for its use, either in the liturgy or privately,
  3. to assist in the faith formation of young and even older persons, and
  4. to encourage Catholics, young and old and those in between, to pay more attention to and to appreciate our rich and beautiful Catholic religion, ceremonies, and treasures.



SACRAMENTALS – Holy Things, Holy Actions, Holy Places.


The 7th Chapter has done it again!

What have they done again?  Before we can delve into that, another question needs to be asked: Who is the 7th Chapter?

The 7th Chapter comprises a group of seven devout Roman Catholic women attached to St. Benedict Parish, Morne Fortuné, Castries, St. Lucia; four of whom are retired educators, two are retired secretaries, and the seventh and only one who is currently employed, is an administrative manager.  They are the following: Emma Bernard Joseph, Martha Celestin, Ingrid Millar, Esther Stephen, Julia Hennecarte, Agatha Modeste, and Martha Isaac.  They are active in their parish community serving in various ministries such as the parish council, catechetics, extraordinary ministers of the Holy Eucharist, and members of various confraternities.  For more information on them, you must read the book!

So, we come back to the original question: What have they done again?

They have written a book again – their second book: ‘SACRAMENTALS – Holy Things, Holy Actions, Holy Places’.

In case you missed their first publication, entitled ‘Priceless Treasure’; it was a narrative which highlighted the Eucharist as the core of Catholic doctrine, teaching the essentials of the Holy Eucharist to children between the ages of 8 and 11, hence the story line.  It can also appeal to readers of all ages, Catholic and non-Catholic.

Dear reader, you will not be disappointed with the contents of their second book, because its title accurately tells you what is in it.  The Table of Contents is well laid out and will draw you like a moth to a flame, to enlighten you on Things, Actions and Places that are Catholic.  It will reveal to you, Things that are hidden in plain sight or taken for granted, Actions indicating the reverence of the Church to God, and some local Places of worship that are outstanding because of their sacredness.  Remember, the Catholic Church has existed over two millennia and “the gates of hell will never prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18) as predicted by Christ Himself when He appointed our 1st Pope St Peter; and some of the Things that are used in the Church have inevitably evolved over time – all scripture-based.  Just read the book!

Since one picture is worth 1,000 words, the book is replete with photographs and some illustrations in order to assist the reader in getting into the true spirit that inspired it.  Further, it is an easy read, both in its layout and the simple language used to convey the importance of sacramentals which are defined and explained from the very beginning.  For example, at Christmas time, churches use the aura of the crib or crếche to portray the humble circumstances of the birth of Christ and the importance of the family structure.  The book will be liked for its St. Lucianness and will appeal to people of all ages with its setting and the demonstrations of the way we worship the Lord with dignity.

If you wish to know more about liturgical vestments among other Holy Things, read the book!

If you wish to know more about genuflection among other Holy Actions, read the book!

If you wish to know the location of the National Shrine of St. Lucy among other Holy Places, read the book!

The authors have gone to great lengths to research the book with supporting biblical quotes and bibliography, and this should attract public or school librarians and book-store managers who wish to augment their inventory in the Religion Section.  The book is also recommended reading for parents and the curious.

This book gets a 5-star rating for its readability and simplicity, because once picked up will be difficult to put down, and it is hoped that you will read the book!

The book is available on, and will make superb gifts to children on the day of their First Communion.


       Review by Joseph Fedee