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7th Chapter comprises a group of seven women who are devoted to the Roman Catholic faith. Four of the women are retired educators, two are retired secretaries and the seventh and only one who is currently employed, is an administrative manager.

The members are active in their parish community serving in various ministries such as   the parish council, catechetics, extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist and members of various confraternities.  They   are all members of The Cursillio Movement the central aim of which is evangelization They are dedicated to building an understanding of Catholic teaching to young people in particular, especially through writing.

Their first publication, entitled, ‘Priceless Treasure’ is a narrative which highlights the Eucharist as the core of Catholic doctrine. In this second work, the authors focus on the significance of sacramentals which consist of holy things, holy actions and holy places all of which are associated with Roman Catholic liturgy.

The writing is presented with simplicity and clarity and though the aim is to offer instruction to young people, the work provides information for people of all ages including practicing Catholics as well as non-Catholics who might be curious about the significance of those sacramentals to the religious life of Roman Catholics.

Martha Isaac is a retired university lecturer. She is the author of the devotional ‘Reclaiming our Citadel: Reflections on Widowhood’. She belongs to the Parish of St Benedict and recently retired from her work as catechist in that parish.

She is actively involved in the work of the Carmelite Tertiary Chapter of St. Teresa of Avila.

She has two grown daughters and four grandchildren.

Emma Bernard-Joseph is a retired Administrative Professional Secretary and Refractionist.  She was last employed as the Manager of Eye Care Saint Lucia, a subsidiary of Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association, a non-profit organisation working with and for blind and visually impaired persons. She is an active member of the St. Benedict Parish, being very involved in all matters of Parish life.

Martha Celestin is a retired Administrative Professional Secretary and a devout member of St Benedict Parish Confraternities. Martha Celestin started her working life as a teacher at a Catholic School.  There she taught religious instruction and she also prepared children for receiving their First Holy Communion. She subsequently changed her career to the secretarial field embarking on a career as an Administrative Professional Secretary.

Julia Hennecart is a retired educator having served as principal of a Catholic Girls’ school for a number of years. She is a devout member of St Benedict Parish Confraternities. On her retirement, she became very active in parish life. She served as catechist preparing children for the Sacrament of Confirmation. She has also served as a minister of the Eucharist.

She is mother of five and grandmother of ten.

Ingrid Millar has given thirty years of service to the Saint Lucia Tourist Board.  She worked with at least seven Directors of Tourism as Executive Secretary and now serves as Administrative Manager. She is actively involved in the work of St Benedict Parish  Ingrid enjoys photography and family moments with her husband and two sons.

Agatha Mortley-Modeste is a retired educator whose career spanned forty years involved teaching at various levels of the education system and serving as an administrator. She is a devout Roman Catholic with experience as an instructor in the doctrine which started from her secondary school when, as a member of the Legion of Mary, her duty was to prepare children for receiving their First Holy Communion. This educator regards gaining full knowledge of her faith as a life- long journey and she is very keen on sharing such knowledge especially with the youth. Agatha has two grown children.

Esther Stephen is a retired Elementary School Principal. She taught all classes from kindergarten to Grade eight and beyond. She is a devout member of St Benedict confraternities.

She comes from a family of fourteen. Her own family consists of five children with the four remaining adults holding their own successfully in the communities where they currently reside.

She continues to be passionate about cooking, gardening and family.

EDITOR- Loyola Devaux has retired after teaching for over forty years. The last twenty years were spent as a lecturer at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in Communication Studies. She has led an active life as Head of department for over a decade, as well as being involved in various areas of her church community and social work on a voluntary basis. She is married, has five grown children and nine grandchildren.